Belvedere, Gustav Klimt and The Kiss

Have you seen the movie “Woman in Gold” with Helen Mirren?

This movie deals with a famous painting by Gustav Klimt that had to be restituted by the Belvedere to its former Jewish owners. It was a wonderful movie and it inspired me to work out this tour!

We will experience Vienna’s most splendid palace and have a little lecture about baroque castle and garden architecture, we will then visit the fantastic art gallery of the palace, and see one of the most iconic paintings of all times: Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”.

Gustav Klimt was quite a Ladies Whisperer and I will tell you why most women fell for him.

One of his young artist friends was Egon Schiele. We will explore expressionist art and compare it to Klimt’s style.

Over coffee and tea a discussion on art restitution will follow.

We will then leave the Belvedere and take the tram to the Secessionist Building and see another great painting by Gustav Klimt, the Beethoven Freeze.

Our tour will conclude on the Naschmarkt, Vienna’s trendy farmers Market


German: fluent
French: fluent
English: fluent
  • Duration: 4 hours

  • Meeting & End Location

    Meeting location: Upper Belvedere Palace at the Ticket Shop

    End location: Naschmarkt Farmers Market

  • Transportation

    Walking and tram

  • Itinerary

    Belvedere Palace
    Secessionist Building

  • Estimated local cash needed

    31 EURO – Ticket Belvedere 14
    Ticket Sessionist Building 9
    Tram Ticket 3 EUR
    coffee 5 EUR

Ratings from previous Guests

Jewish history of Vienna is a very delicate topic that many tour guides try to avoid. Susanne does a wonderful job in highlighting this important part of Vienna’s past! She was very knowledgeable and thoughtful. I was visiting Vienna with my young daughter and my goal was to share the history of the city with her while highlighting the impact the Jewish community has made on it over many centuries. Susanne was able to accomplish this goal with excellence. We are very grateful for such wonderful experience


Susan is very positive and has good understanding to The need and interest I have on my visit to Vienna . She is one of the best I can recommend to my friends who Will visit Vienna .

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