About Me

I have been a private tour guide for five years and I passionately love my job. I was born and raised in Vienna where I also attended Vienna University (Masters Degree in Tourism and Linguistics). After graduating I had a very fun job, I worked as a flight attendant for Austrian Airlines. I really got infected with the travel bug, and also learned that I thrive when working in an international environment.

On one of my trips I met my future husband and moved to Los Angeles. America became a second home to my two twin children and myself. We are all both US citizens and Austrian citizens. Eventually we moved back to my beloved city of Vienna and I went to school again to become a certified Austrian tour guide (a demanding training of about 2 years).

When it comes to my tours my top priority is to give you the most memorable experience possible in whatever time frame we have. I will show you the most important, and also the most charming parts of the city and instruct you on the sites and the history of Vienna.

My tours are (hopefully) interesting, informative and humorous.

I LOVE history, I have a profound interest in the rise of the house of Habsburg, its downfall after World War I, Austria’s dark path leading to National Socialism and World War II. I am interested and quite knowledgeable about Jewish history in Vienna, starting in the Middle Ages, the dark years in Austrian history and the contemporary discussion of art restitution.
Please check out my “Women in Gold tour”!

I understand that hiring a private tour guide is pricy, but whatever comes with the tour does not have to be pricy. Depending on the level of comfort you wish to have we can either supplement the tour with a nice black limousine and explore the latest trendy restaurants or . . . .

. . if you are mindful about your spending, we can have the perfect sightseeing day with a subway ticket of only 4 EUROS, a cup of good alpine tap water and a sandwich.

One more thing: I absolutely love children. As a mother of 6 year old twins I have a good amount of experience what kids and young adults like and what they find rather boring, please check out my “Kids food and fun tour”! (during summer months)

If you have read so far that means that you are indeed considering me as your tour guide.

Please do contact me and I hope we get to know each other very soon in Vienna! I promise that I will do my best to make this a memorable experience for you and your family!

Best regards from this side of the world,